Amber Slovick

Hi, my name is Amber, and I'm a Web and Visual Designer. I focus on creating beautiful designs and bringing them to life through the latest standards and technology. You can scroll down to see some of my work, read more about my experience, or drop me a line.

headhealth website

The website component of the Headhealth project. Fully responsive multi-page website designed for desktop, tablet, mobile, and everything in between. Utilizing the power of jQuery and CSS3, I created interactive icon-based navigation and menus to create a pleasant user experience.

headhealth app

Headhealth is a smartphone app designed to help individuals struggling with mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, autism, and sensory processing disorder. Headhealth can be be used to track symptoms, provide coping techniques, set medication reminders, provide more information on these disorders, and hold the contact information for persons to contact in an emergency.


A poster for a high school art showcase in the East Bay.

radical type design

A book trailer for Radical Type Design by Teal Triggs. Song is “Space Pirates” by Waterflame Music. Overall design was inspired by various projects from the book, as well as the CMYK print process.


Farm2city is a non-profit organization based in Oakland, CA. Their goal is to help mitigate the impact of food deserts, which are neighborhoods without affordable access to fresh food. As a part of their outreach, they required a new website design to better reflect their cause. The new site was built on WordPress to make it easy to update without much technical knowledge on the client’s part. It was designed to allow dynamic content wherever possible. 

gun violence

One of the main arguments by the pro-gun movement is that guns should be available for self-defense. This gun control ad turns that idea on its head by showing a teen bringing a gun to school and claiming self-defense.  

my girlfriend’s a geek

What if the book My Girlfriend’s a Geek by Pentabu were turned into a movie? This is what the opening credits might look like. Music is “Wonder2” by the Japanese group Perfume.


Letters are more than just typographical constructs. They have lives of their own. Let’s take a peek at a couple of them…