Improving access to healthy food is a critical component of an agenda to build an equitable and sustainable food system.

Farm2City is a non-profit organization. The mission has been to provide a source of low cost organic products for future generations that dwell in areas designated as food deserts.

Our goal is to create a positive change on the impacts of “Food Deserts” in Northern California. Farm2City works with non-profit food advocates and community food outlets such as grocery stores locating in USDA designated “Food Desert” areas. We aim to provide a reliable supply of fresh, organic food at subsidized-pricing to non-profit groups and at cost to commercial outlets.

Fresh food produce is not sold in food deserts and this fact affect millions of urban and rural dwellers in the state of California. According to state and federal studies, living in food deserts affects the nutritional health and well-being of the aged, children and the poor. Farm2City is supplying community-based Food
Banks, Corner (Mom & Pop) markets, community farmers markets, Public schools, NGO food advocates and plan to supply the demands anticipated by the opening of new fresh food markets within known food deserts.

Farm2City ”K12- Healthy Food Curriculum” and “Full Cycle Wellness Program” is to focus on the hardest hit dwellers of food deserts the diabetic and obese youth, the poor and elderly. F2C K12 nutritional program software is an learning tool on living healthy throughout life. Thought the assistance of food and agricultural experts from U.C. Davies we plan to begin our K12 program in partnership with our Stateholders.

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