Our mission at Farm2City is operate as a non-profit farm with a commitment to help prevent and mitigate “Food Deserts” by supplying fresh, organic food products to NGO’s and non-profit organizations within the San Francisco Bay Area who have established numerous distribution centers to advocate healthy living.  It is our goal to provide low-income communities with a continuous supply of  fresh seasonal foods.  We work towards being a direct supply of fresh produce and organic food products, delivering to the different urban areas that have been designated as Food Deserts by the USDA.

Farm2City’s goal is to become a direct supplier to community-based food markets, farrmer markets, schools NGO food advocates and to supply the demands anticipated by the opening of new food markets withint the known food deserts.

We collaborate with city stakeholders to pool community funds and resources  that would act as a shared investment to ensure that freshm organic products grown locally are reliable and will  reach specific “Food Deserts” areas within the bay area and beyond.  Group or bundled funds would be generated from federal, state, local  govement , foundations, fund raisinging by stakeholders and public contributions.  In essence, stakeholders hold crop allotements that translate into organic farm produce being delivered seasonally.